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Hi I'm Kurtiss. Interested in Odd News, Sci-fi, Doctor Who, Big Brother, Auto Racing, Photography, Technology, Ageing, NFL, Jazz, Movies and more.

kurtswebnotes updates

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Jul 122013

The updates to my blogs are now going forward. This blog is no longer my home page. My blogs are as follows.

http://kurtswebnotes.com – kurtswebnotes.com photography – new home page
http://kurtswebnotes.com/blog – this blog
http://kurtswebnotes.com/movies – kurtswebnotes.com movies – still blank hope to do my first entry Friday night

Jul 052013

I feel it’s time for a change. I will be starting a new blog to replace this one very shortly. I think this blog will be mostly inactive, but I’m not sure. You will be able to reach it at http://kurtswebnotes/blog. I’m thinking I might return to the State of Mind post I used to do a few years ago for this blog. My new home page will be a photography blog of my SLR and mobile photos. I will also create a movie blog dedicated to the movies I own on disc, see in the theater and music because music is so intertwined with the movies.

I’m one of these people that blog purely for my own entertainment, but your always welcome to stop by. :) I will post the links to the new blogs shortly.